An ode to letting go

A hand with the words "let something go today" on it

Wherever you are in life, there is likely something that you should let go of, something that is holding you back. Whether that something is physical, emotional, or an idea, doesn’t matter, just that you recognize it is something you need to let go. This is not meant to say it is easy to let …

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Make your to do list work for you

Notebook with the words To Do written across the top, a black sharpie marker is on top of the notebook, and a green coffee cup and plant are next to the notebook

It can feel intimidating, overwhelming, or stressful to start routinely creating and using a to do list. A quick internet search shows just how many varieties of lists are out there and there is no shortage of apps and planners you can buy.  Before investing too much time and money, a helpful place to start …

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Life is mundane and that’s OK

Close up photo of plate being washed in a sink

In the age of social media, it can be easy to get caught up in all the exciting things that friends and strangers do, buy, and experience. It can be easy to see our everyday life as uneventful, which it is and that’s OK. Most of our lives are spent doing mundane tasks: picking out …

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What worry can teach us

Woman's face somberly looking down with hand on face covering eyes and nose

All of us worry, but not all of us worry the same. For some it can be as constant as breathing or existing and for others it arises occasionally from certain stimuli or situations. Whatever role it plays in your life, there is a lot that worry can teach us. The reason for our worry …

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