My name is Jenny (they/them) and welcome to Curiously Simple.

I am not a mental health professional, I am an anxious overthinker who is in therapy working towards overcoming fears, becoming more mindful, learning to let things go, and acceptance. In my professional life I work in public health and focus on helping people think critically about their work and the impact it has.

Overthinking, over planning, and over analyzing often end up stalling me. I am by nature curious and am always trying to understand as much as I can. By breaking things down to their simple components I am working towards uncomplicated and clear, though not always easy, solutions.

The name Curiously Simple comes from the fact that so often the next step on my journey is much less complex or intangible than I initially believe it to be. I make things much more complicated than they need to be when the path forward is often curiously simple.

My goal for this site is to share with others what I am learning as I work to better understand myself and move through the world around me. I want to help myself and others work with their thoughts instead of against them, get at root causes of our beliefs and feelings, and become comfortable looking inward to truly understand ourselves.

The site is a mixture of information, education, and inspiration. My hope is to both help others and to find other busy minds to connect with.

If you are an overthinker who can relate I hope you will share your experience and wisdom here so we can all work together on our journey to calm and understand our busy minds.